Esteemed colleagues and future members of the YITL Network. I am Atty Federico Pau, the Chief Senior Tax Attorney and Managing Director of this prestigious network. It's my pleasure to guide future colleagues through the opportunities that await within our ranks.

Who is Attorney Federico Pau?

The lawyer Federico Pau has followed tax trials in every topic of international tax law; Furthermore, on some procedural issues the lawyer Federico Pau has gained even more extreme expertise and numerous courtroom victories, in particular: - trials regarding disputes on the alleged use of invoices for non-existent transactions (allegedly false invoices);- trial regarding foreign investments and foreign companies; - trials concerning multiple aspects of international taxation.

Expert in international tax optimization, and author in the field of international taxation, international tax optimization and international tax planning.

Degree in Law 110/110 cum laude, with thesis on the subject of elusive international mechanisms (which included the topics of moving tax residence to countries with a privileged tax regime, the legislation on transfer pricing, the legislation on black-lists, the legislation on foreign controlled companies, the instruments of international tax avoidance and the legislation on abuse of law).

Master's degree in taxation of groups and extraordinary operations, including specialist training in internal and external transfer prices, regulations on foreign subsidiaries and other aspects relating to international taxation).


Our Commitment to Excellence

In the realm of international taxation, our network stands unparalleled. I stand before you with the conviction that our expertise and dedication are second to none. Excellence is not just our standard—it's our legacy.

Professional Requirements for Joining Our Network

To align with our esteemed network, one must not only possess a law degree and have taken and pass the bar exam to practice as lawyer but also advanced training or substantial experience in international taxation. Our members are seasoned professionals, with a minimum of 18 years of both education and experience honing their craft to perfection.

The Passion That Drives Us

Passion is the cornerstone of our profession. Like me, each member of our network harbors a fervent zeal for tax law. We are committed to continuous learning and achieving extraordinary professional milestones.

Ways to Collaborate with YITL Network

Our network thrives through collaboration. Whether you are an expert lawyer ready to serve, a student eager to learn, or a partner looking to join forces, there is a place for you. Today, I'm particularly excited to talk about how expert lawyers can make a significant impact with us.

Invitation for Ambitious Tax Lawyers

To the ambitious tax lawyers out there: if your aspiration is to stand among the world's elite in international taxation and to make a profound difference for clients globally, I extend to you an invitation to apply to our network.

Our Lawyers' Extraordinary Achievements

Our network is a testament to exceptional achievement. We have members who have represented multinational giants, triumphed in consecutive trials, and secured groundbreaking rulings. Their stories are not just inspiring—they are the benchmarks of our profession.

Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of the YITL Network is a gateway to unparalleled opportunities. You will be introduced to new clients, associate your practice with our globally recognized brand, and share your insights through our platforms. The value of these benefits is immense, both professionally and commercially.

Join Us

For those ready to take this step and join our network, I encourage you to reach out. Contact us at with the subject 'I would like to participate in the network.' Let's embark on this journey together.

Closing Remarks

As we look to the horizon, the future of international taxation is bright with potential. I thank you for considering YITL Network as your partner in this journey. Together, we will redefine what it means to be leaders in tax law. Thank you.



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