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Expand Your Wealth with Tax Havens,
YITL Network, 2023
Tax Lawyer Federico Pau is a tax lawyer and expert in the field of international tax optimization, business internationalization, and asset protection.
Thanks to a unique training path, the lawyer has developed a deep knowledge of the principles of international tax optimization which he applies to improve the lives of countless clients, and which also lives on in his personal life.

In this book aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, digital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the AI and automation sector, crypto investors, High-net-worth individuals, and those who want to protect their assets and raise their levels of freedom, the lawyer explains in an extremely simplified and direct the principles of international tax optimization and international taxation, the most common mistakes and provides numerous examples from his experience with clients.
Through the narration of dozens of cases, you will discover 15 of the best tax jurisdictions in the world, which you can use to reduce taxes, increase your freedom and protect your assets.

Unlike a classic manual, the author will explain these secrets to you by telling you the stories of clients, which will make reading much easier for you.
For example, the book covers topics such as:
Tax reduction strategies;
Best Countries for Establishing Business and Company Activities;
Eliminate taxes, including personal income tax, capital gains tax, cryptocurrency tax, inheritance and gift taxes
International instruments for the protection of assets, such as trusts, foundations and offshore companies

Main cases and relevant topics about offshore companies, tax residence, foreign investment, tax havens, international tax planning, transfer pricing, tax planning, and tax reduction strategies, international tax law.
The Lawyer also shares practical advice for tackling international bureaucracy and managing the complexity of tax regulations, helping you avoid costly mistakes and penalties. With this book, you can take advantage of the author's knowledge and experience to start optimizing your tax situation and protecting your assets, regardless of your business or industry.
Don't let taxes and bureaucracy limit your freedom and success. Discover the secrets of international tax optimization and start your journey to a life with less taxes and more freedom today. Start building a stronger and more prosperous future for you and your business!

Soon other books will be released!


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