Join YITL NETWORK (if you are an ambitious tax lawyer)


We have no doubt that we are the best at what we do.

All professionals inside the Network:
- have a law degree;
- have successfully passed the exams to be admitted to practice as a lawyer;
- have a master or specialization or doctorate in international taxation, and/or significant demonstrable experience in this field;
- have spent at least 18 years of education and experience perfecting their skills and craft;
- have extraordinary professional achievements (see below some examples);
- are extremely passionate about this profession.

In general, there are 3 ways to participate:
1) be an international tax lawyer that takes part in the network and is ready to help new clients;
2) being a young student or undergraduate who is looking for high-value training to become an expert in this field;
3) participate in our partner program.

On this page, we refer only to the first 1, lawyers who want to work with the network and help new clients to change their life, drastically reduce their tax bills, and increase their security and freedom thanks to your services.

If you belong to the other two categories, you can contact us describing your situation by writing to

If you want to hear from one of the lawyers of the network, write to us and we will select one at random, who will give you his feedback on our network and tell you why he preferred it over any other.

If you are an ambitious tax lawyer and aspire to become one of the most experienced lawyers in the world in the field of international taxation, one of the best in the world, and you want to help clients from all over the globe, you can submit your application to become part of our network.

Our network already includes international tax lawyers with extraordinary professional achievements.
Here are some examples:
- an international tax lawyer who participates in our network and has represented multinational companies present all over the globe for 30 years;
- an international tax lawyer who participates in our network began his career by winning 95 consecutive trials against the Revenue Agency of his country (without any loss between those trials) and therefore knows by heart any type of dispute that could be raised against a taxpayer and what is the chance of victory;
- another international tax lawyer who participates in our network has helped clients from all over the world to relocate and increase their earnings by almost ten times in some cases;
- an international tax lawyer who participates in our network has, for the first time in the history of his country, sentenced the Revenue Agency to a millionaire compensation in favor of a taxpayer, even if the law did not provide explicitly for that compensation.
But the examples are endless.
And everyone has a passion for tax law and international taxation, aims at a continuous improvement of their skills and expertise, and loves the development of creative personalized plans to allow clients to reduce their tax burden and grow their business.

The fee for annual participation (that will be discussed after you submit your application, resume, and presentation letter) in our network guarantees:
- the right to be put in contact with at least 1 new potential client per month (and progressively more and more over time);
- being able to say that you are part of our network, and therefore associate your image with a network followed by over 100,000 people around the world, with its return in your professional image.
- to be able to insert our videos or articles in the blog of your site, and thus effortlessly enrich the contents of your website.
- the right to create n. 10 educational videos and promote them on our platforms, making your name known to our audience of over 25.000 subscribers, with an image return with a commercial value only of the promotional activity worth over 50,000 USD for all the videos.
For further information, contact us by writing to, and indicating in the subject of the email "I would like to participate in the network".


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